I marvel at the cleverness of the human animal with the ability to create its habitat. In our manmade worlds we put windows to see manicured landscapes; water and electricity are at our command; even the temperature is altered for comfort. My work documents the human interaction in these spaces we inhabit. I sculpt and paint to describe my visceral reaction to these environments. My interpretations are uniquely personal as I reflect the volume of positive and negative space which results in work that reveals different layers of information as viewing distances change. Found objects act as archeological artifacts which give the work a history and add context. I pour myself into my work on an obsessive level in an effort to continuously explore the lines between reality and perception. Some words come to mind as I work at these pieces: controlled chaos, peripheral vision, conspicuous consumption, recycle.

Attended the Kansas City Art institute in the mid 1980's

Attended Webster University in the early 1990's